We helped family-run Lancashire business Minerva Crafts get the funding they needed to expand their warehouse

Pension Led Funding (from Clifton Asset Management)

  • Pension-led funding uses your accrued pension funds to lend to your own company
  • Business's Intellectual Property (IP) is held within a pension environment, so it is protected from creditors
  • Future IP appreciation is free from direct taxation (value of IP held within a pension fund, or income derived from it)
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About Clifton Asset Management

Pensionledfunding.com from Clifton Asset Management has been supporting business owners since 2005 from their Bristol headquarters, and have helped thousands of clients grow their business using pension-led funding.

Clifton Asset Management has offered specialist financial services to businesses and individuals throughout the UK since 1986.

Core specialist fields include business funding, wealth management, auto-enrolment, exit strategies, employee benefits and individual and corporate protection.

Building relationships with business owners has allowed Clifton to develop business finance, business strategy and individual wealth management solutions that are relevant, appropriate and successful.

The Clifton Group continues to expand, with an increasing public awareness of the alternative business finance benefits and is a founding member of the alternativebusinessfunding.co.uk alliance.

Pension Led Funding Requirements

  • Director has a pension worth £50k+
  • Loan amount less than 50% of pension fund
  • Maximum term of 5 years
  • Interest rate at least 1% higher than Bank of England base rate

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