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Hire Purchase and Leasing (from Close Brothers)

  • A range of asset finance including: hire purchase, refinancing, finance leases, and operating leases
  • Use asset finance for capital expenditure without impacting your day-to-day operational finance
  • Charges and monthly repayments are agreed at the outset, avoiding any uncertainty
  • Refinancing can help you raise funds against unencumbered assets and release capital
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About Close Brothers

Close Brothers is a leading UK merchant banking group providing lending, deposit taking, wealth management services, and securities trading.

Close Brothers describe their approach to business as Modern Merchant Banking, reflecting how the same principles on which Close Brothers was established in 1878 continue to be relevant today.

In lending, Close Brothers concentrate on meeting clients’ specialist financing needs across the business lifecycle by developing expertise in specialist markets, which drives opportunities to add value.

Close Brothers focus on the relationships, services and expertise through which they aim to build leadership in their specialist markets.

Close Brothers looks to achieve that by offering a full range of investment and wealth management solutions, from their self directed platform to their bespoke portfolio service for high-net-worth individuals.

Close Brothers continue to adapt and diversify their products and market-making services for retail brokers, asset managers and institutional clients.

Hire Purchase and Leasing Requirements

  • Asset value from £10k with no upper limit
  • UK-based businesses
  • Finance for 'hard assets' such as vehicles and machinery

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